Ostomy Pouch Covers

In 2009 I started to become really ill and by 2010 my life had changed and I was suddenly needing all kinds of medical appliances.  However, what items I could find were either too expensive for me to afford or not the style or design of what I wanted.  Thankfully for me, my mother was a seamstress and I was able to take my design and ideas to her and what she got from me she was able to transform in to what we sale today.

Being proud of my mom, I started to show off the things that she was making for me and people started asking where we were getting them.  In January 2010, we opened an Etsy store where we make and sale our products to the public.

We’ve included some Ostomy Pouch Covers and Accessories for you in our Esty Store.

Ostomy Pouch Covers with Round and Oval Wafer Flange Opening.  We are always excited to receive custom orders. The fabric on the back is – Stay-Dri Wicking Fabric.  Made of 100% polyester and is a perfect mesh lining.  Soft, lightweight, knit fabric has superior wicking capabilities as it quickly wicks moisture from the skin to the absorbent layers, keeping area dry, cool, and comfortable.  Does not shrink.

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