Crochet Items

Here you will find some crochet items for all seasons.  Sun hats to slippers and everything in between.  Crochet household items … helping you stay clean.


My grandmother was the only other left handed person that I knew growing up and I wanted to do everything that she did.  She taught me how to crochet when I was about 5 years old.  I had a hard time as I wasn’t the most patient of children.

I took up the art again this year at the age of 35 after suffering some years from a major illness.  I wanted something to do and some way to help contribute to the household and I wondered if this might be a way of doing that.

I am slowly rebuilding my experience and trying out new patterns.  I am learning to love the craft and creativity behind crocheting and feeling like I am close to the spirit of my grandmother even more so many years after her death.

She had such a love for so many different kinds of crafts, but many of my memories are of her and her crochet needles making some new project.


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