Medical Accessories

We’ve included some Medical Accessories for you in our Esty Store.  *Choose your fabric from our Fabric Page.*

With Flu and Cold season upon us – be sure to stock up on children and adult Surgical Mask.  They are great for protecting against airborne bacteria and pollen. The Fabric on the back of the Mask is Stay-Dri Wicking Fabric.  Made of 100% polyester and is a perfect mesh lining.  Soft, lightweight, knit fabric has superior wicking capabilities as it quickly wicks moisture from the skin to the absorbent layers, keeping area dry, cool, and comfortable.  Does not shrink.
Fabric of Choice - Handmade Child Surgical Face Mask


Wound “V.A.C” Vacuum Assisted Closure tube cover with Tot Bag


Medical Tube Covering with Bag


Medical I.V. Tube Covering


Stethoscope Sock Cover


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