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Description of our Ostomy Pouch Cover:

Our Pouch Cover are a daytime cover. Please do not wear them at night due to possible leakage. Pouch Covers are available for women, men and children. The front cover is made with 100% cotton or a cotton blend. The back is made of 100% polyester – “Stay-Dri Wicking Fabric in White ”.

1. We strive to make the best product for our customers.
2. All seams are sewn so as the material will not ravel.
3. Pouch covers are made for opened end pouch for easy drainage.
4. The flange opening in the pouch cover is custom to your needs.
5. The back fabric of the cover is“Stay-Dri Wicking Fabric in White.” It is specially formulated to assist with the removal of moisture and helps keep the skin healthy under the pouch. This lightweight wicking knit mesh fabric is soft to the skin and knitted in a way that it pulls moisture away from the skin for it to be absorbed by the inner layers.
6. Custom orders are welcomed.
7. We enjoy receiving suggestions and recommendation to better our products for our customers.

Preparing your Round / Oval Pouch Cover:

1. Take a clean pouch and place it with back facing out on a flat service. Fold sides of pouch toward center. Take a measuring tape/rule and measure from the center of the hole to outside flange edge. For a Hollister 8612 it measures 1 1/2” or 3” across.
2. Take a pen and mark a dot in the center of the pouch cover. Measure from the center of the new pouch cover out to the measurement you had in step 1. Place another dot.
3. The mark should be on the inside of a sewing line. Cut close but do not cut into the sewing line on the right side of your outside mark. The cover should be a little smaller than your flange. This is to insure a snug fit.

Wearing Instructions:

1. Once you have cut your new pouch cover to fit, gather the end of your pouch and insert it into the back of the opening in the cover.
2. Slide the cover up and over the pouch as if putting on a slip cover. Remember it should be snug.
3. Insure that all edges of the pouch is inside the pouch cover. Do not disturb the part of your pouch that sticks to your skin. You do not want to break the seal.
4. Smooth down the front and enjoy your new cover.

Washing Instructions:

1. RD Rascals round pouch covers are machine washable although hand washing is recommended.
2. Machine Wash on Warm Delicate setting do not use Chlorine Bleach.
3. Drying is best done by hanging the product over a cloths line or towel rack. However, you can use a Tumble Dry at Low setting.
4. Please be aware, however, that drying in a dryer may result in shrinkage and material damage.
5. You may iron the front cover on low, however, the instructions for the Stay-Dri Wicking Fabric in White used for the back cover states – do not iron.

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